Under Construction

January 4, 2007

Right now, all salient info is contained in the links section to the right of this page.  I am gradually going to move my Gnostic Vodou records here, I think, either copying them or transferring them from the site they’re currently hosted on, as this site is simply easier to update and easier to manage interaction/correspondence on. Stay Tuned.

Please note that none of the organizations or persons linked to or referred to on this site are to be interpreted as endorsing the work of Tau Naamah and/or the Draconigenae. I currently work in free association with Tau Allen Greenfield, Tau Peristera de Magdalene, and Tau Heosphoros Iacchus, as well as a number of other active members of the points chauds working group who have not elected to be mentioned by name. However, this site is my own doing and their mention here is not to be interpreted as endorsement.