On re-reading after some time has elapsed, I realize that I sort of went off on a tangent about the Haitian voudon connections and background of the points work and probably didn’t tie those very clearly into the current work as it’s manifesting, nor did I explain the differences, primarily that the Haitian voudon use of the term frequently refers to objects or items created for the express purpose of housing a spirit, making a link, and/or synthesizing an essence. In the current points chauds work, at least among those I am actively working with and communicating with, we are using the term to refer exclusively to points that are located on/within the human body. The question of how, or whether, these are related to the loa, to external and/or “supernatural” entities, to Haitian voudon, or any number of other things/entities, is still being explored, and there is nothing resembling a consensus on it.

Also, on the note of a consensus, I think it may be in the nature of human beings to make sense of things by relating them to other things they already have vocabulary for and some sort of experience with — if no experience, at least some sticking point to use for analogy. This is certainly true of me, and it’s proven true in my work as a teacher and guides many theories of pedagogy. So what you get when you read people’s accounts is often, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere (in my personal blog), a case of the vocabulary shaping the perception. In my case, I am very interested in the voudon aspect of this work, and my discussion of it frequently goes over into language associated with Chinese medicine, ref. chi, acupressure points, and meridians.

That is not to say that what I’m saying is any way more real, true, or accurate in terms of analogy or exploration than what anybody else is saying. I’m just trying out vocabulary and making analogies, and exploring my interests, and that is what I would love to see others engaged in the work do. I might sit here all day long in my brain and say “this doesn’t have a damned thing to do with Reiki” but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear what a Reiki practitioner has to say about this, and it doesn’t mean I won’t change my mind.

I would love to see the participants in the work share in the best vocabulary they’ve got at their disposal, and in the same sort of non-directive, non-“I’m the expert,” non-dismissive sort of way that we’ve managed pretty well  so far. Because finally, this work *is* very personal, and we absolutely cannot and should not, in my not so humble opinion, dictate other people’s engagement with or experiences with it. We can recommend, and, if in a position to do so, refuse to participate in certain activities, but I hope we can continue to avoid *directing* other people’s activities when such direction has not been sought.

That’s not to say I wouldn’t love to see some more coherence, or at the very least communication, work, recording, and sharing of info among active workers, because I would; that is hardly the sort of thing one can demand of another, though, particularly in a non-hierarchical sort of setup like we’ve got. And frankly, I’m pretty sick of hierarchical setups.

Now, that and five bucks will get you a cup of coffee, but that’s where I stand, and now you know.


new city, maintenance

August 18, 2007

I have moved, and am now in fact closer to my synod and associated bishops than before; I expect this page will see more and more frequent updates.

I appreciate those readers who have informed me of broken links and I will be doing that sort of routine maintenance here shortly.  Also, if I can figure out how to put up some pictures, I’ll be doing that too.