It was an exciting gathering with presence of several fellow Workers who came from great distances to join us at Mt. Arabia.  There was points work, consecration, cross-consecration, note comparing, speculation on unmapped points, planning for the future.  I didn’t get any photos this time, but some will doubtless become available on + Allen Greenfield’s livejournal.

On a personal note, I still can’t reliably see the points (this came up as a question yesterday), but this does not prevent me from administering them.  Instead I “feel” them.  A few years ago, when the initial “hand effect” just about knocked me down and continued to be very weird to live with for a long time, I usually experienced them as something almost “electrical.”  In talking with + Allen yesterday, I realized that I very often didn’t feel this sort of energy as so “electric” anymore.  In other words, it’s not as “sharp” anymore, though it’s still almost palpable.  Allen noted that my hands shook a bit as I administered some points as if I was feeling the current of energy as electrical.  It occurred to me that I may simply be accustomed to the sensation now, somewhat acclimated to it.  As + Heosphoros & + Peristera and I have discussed, we can no longer NOT use this “energy” in magickal work any more than we can not use oxygen – it’s just there all the time, in a manner of speaking.  It’s certainly easier to access, somehow, on the mountain and at other power spots (my imprecision with language troubles me here, but I’m doing the best I can), but I can easily raise it at will, and sometimes it “raises” itself when I’m not trying to raise it.  I don’t mean that it’s inactive when I’m not actively “using” it, just that there is a definite “surge” that happens sometimes and that is almost always focused in the hands for me.  I don’t know how much of that is consecration, how much points, how much certain points, or how much something else I’m not thinking of or aware of, but when the energy “rises” (again, bad word choice) in my hands, I can have trouble focusing on other things until I “do something” with it.

This “something” can be administering points, co-consecrating or ordaining someone, charging a talisman or bottle of oil or whatever, doing some Qi Gong to “spread out” the energy, etc.  I have noted elsewhere that the effect is similar, and imo may be related to, what some in the vodoun community have called “partial possession,” where instead of the lwa “riding” the “cheval” or serviteur, instead the lwa is guiding the serviteur’s feet or hands, or maybe his or head during divination; the difference is that the serviteur’s individual consciousness is not eclipsed, the serviteur maintaining some memory of the event is more likely, and it is likelier to happen outside a full-fledged ritual setting and when a serviteur has a pre-established, close working relationship with the lwa in question.  For instance, Dantor will sometimes come and tie points or pakets for me when I’m doing work with her for a client; she is in my hands, and she is “there,” but so am I.  It’s a partial possession that happens in a ritual setting, but not in a community setting.  (I should mention here that I do not advise anyone to attempt to be ridden by a lwa while they are alone and not in the presence of someone who knows what to do in case something goes wrong or sideways.)

These sorts of effects had happened to me a few times before I undertook the points work as a consecrated bishop several years ago, but since undertaking this work, it happens MUCH more frequently, much more “easily” (often rising unbidden), much more easily outside of a religious context (ie, I don’t have to be working with Legba or Dantor – I can be tying a mojo bag under the aegis of no particular saint or loa whatsoever, and have the hand thing kicking), and much more often outside of the context of my giving a reading.  I had felt similar effects while performing Mass, while doing energy work or sex magick, while doing Taiji or Qi Gong — but this is NOT exactly the same thing.

I feel like every time I try to explain this I make it more confusing, and also like I’m being repetitive, but maybe if I keep circling around it I’ll get a little closer to getting at what it’s all about.

The similarities I’ve set up between the “hand effect” and the rising energy as related to partial possession is not accidental though.  It is as if it sometimes has a “mind of its own.”  It’s not that it rises only in my hands – maybe it’s more that it sometimes “overflows” or is ready to overflow and that that experience is 99% of the time going to lead to the energy “flooding” towards my hands.  (The other 1% of the time it has “centered” or “pooled” in what may be my heart chakra or may be something to do with the complex of points 20-23 – I haven’t researched this thoroughly re. the meridians, which I believe to be related to the way some of these points seem “connected,” or are “sets,” or can be parts of “circuits.”  In any case, this has never happened on the mountain or when I’ve been administering points or assisting in their administration, nor has it happened during a consecration or ordination.  It has always been when somebody else has “been in my energy,” so to speak (with my permission of course).  So I don’t know if this has an active/passive dynamic somehow?  Or if these are two different things entirely (or mostly).

I have worked a bit with trying to focus the “rise” of energy to different parts of body, and I have had some success with that, but I have also made myself sick doing it (as if there’s such a thing as “forcing” it, which can have bad consequences, though that may mean other things too).

Ok, enough rambling.