Quick and dirty breakdown of who does what

December 22, 2008

It occurs to me that people who come across this blog without having first met any of us might wonder why we all seem to be up to different things with this Arabia working, the points chauds work, the Congregational Illuminism….. and the last phrase is the key I think.

The points chauds Work is vast, intricate, ongoing.  As it’s emerging, organically I would say, various people and various “organizations” (I use the term loosely) get involved and take an angle and run with it.

Some are researching apostolic succession, as our work is so closely related to the history adn tradition and power of these consecratory lineages.

Some are working with modern neo-shamanic currents involving ecstatic dance and kinetic trancework.

Some are exploring the current from a background or interest in yoga, some taichi and qi gong, some the meridian system, some the marma system, some the chakra system, some the star system of our very own universe (and possibly others). There is so much to be done that a lifetime sometimes seems too short.

Personally, my main interests lie in mapping and grokking the energy matrices of the human body and their relation to power points on the planet; working with Haitian vodoun, New Orleans voodoo, and Gnostic Vodoun angles of the current; and exploring the practical effects of the empowerd and duly consecrated human being on his or her universe.

Eventually (note to self) I wonder if it might be useful to throw up a sort of informal listing *by main research interest or focus* of the various people and groups in free communion, so as to better direct interested parties to the synod in which they will feel most at home?


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