Sep 6, 2008 Mt. Arabia trip

December 22, 2008

Is there not a way to backdate these?

I’m busy as hell, but these are notes I need to flesh out later about the points work yesterday and later conversations/observations/thoughts.

feet & TAG’s vision —  [eta: 9/20-21/08] TAG and I had talked a few times over the years about “unmapped” points (ie, those not belonging to the 97 point system we have pretty well mapped, but rather those that fall outside or peripheral to it somehow, and how they are likely to be part of a larger, probably 360 “degree”, system, many of which have been “lost” at least in the Western world).  Before I had formally begun the points work, I had a dream that has ended up having precognitive and symbolic elements that I was unable to recognize at the time; as the points work continues, I keep finding things that connect back to that dream.  In it, my attention was drawn to a point on the outside of my upper calf, and this Arabia trip we decided to go experimental and see what happened when it was activated. I no longer recall (damn my shitty note taking) whether the second point on my leg was something I got/grokked/sensed, or whether it was something TAG saw/sensed, but I think it was the latter.

In any case, he activated those two points on my legs, and then activated “foot” points.  Again, these are unmapped, but I recall activating somebody’s “feet” at the lave tete earlier this year during their headwashing – why I can no longer tell you assuming I even could then.  It was just one of those things.  no reason to think there was a point there, just a feel that I needed to do that.  The same thing happned with + Dositheos, where I activated some points that aren’t on the map shortly after (if I recall correctly) + Heosphoros activated his hand points.  If I recall correctly, I did his wrist points and then some unmapped points on his sides around the waist.  Later, I looked up a map of the meridians and found that those spots do actually lie along a meridian – -one of those that sort of jags, or curves, rather than running in a straight line.

When he was doing the foot points, he said he had a crucifixion-like vision, and could  “see” nails going into my feet.  I also recall him saying something about those and the leg points having a slightly different “feel” or “energy,” though I think that was *before* they were activated; that “difference” may not be there anymore if they were integrated into the channels of my subtle body.  I dunno. TAG?

I had not too long ago gotten an acupuncture chart illustrating the so-called “extraordinary points” (what that means exactly I don’t know – probably that they are somehow “off the beaten path” in acupuncture, not on one of the main meridians).

“saw” something 2.5 times; Blue’s neck, Sh’s head, my leg (not exactly points in most cases) – I don’t “see” the points.  I feel them, and as they often move and wiggle on a living person, sometimes it takes me a  bit to get them by feel.  But anyway, this time, I didn’t see points exactly, but there was something I was seeing a few times.  When I was doing Blue’s neck points and I was “looking” to see if they seemed alright, I “saw” something that was not a point, and that after a moment I figured must be the “other side” of her activated point on the back of her neck.  I knew I wasn’t seeing a point, probably because I know there’s not a point there in the center where I was seeing it, but there was something there, even though I’m sure I wasn’t seeing the kind of thing TAG sees when he talks about seeing them.  Anyway, that was unusual for me, and I’m noting it.

Also saw something that was not points but was *something” on Sh.  It was like I could just see the energy flowing *around* her body as she was sitting, post-points.  It had a direction to it that I could sort of “see”.  In her case it was moving around a lot, but unusual that I saw anything at all, so notable.

Finally, sort of saw something on my leg when TAG and I were talking about the leg point thing before we’d decided to experiment with them.  No color, as usual, but almost a thickness in the air around the point.

“dragging 5 Gs” – I felt like shit coming down the mountain. I usually feel good coming down, even when I’m totally hosed like I was after the lave tete work which is the only time so far I really felt I’d reached my limits in terms of energy work.  Mountain-descending used to be a “I bet I could fly down” type of feeling, and even when the worst “hyperness” wore off,  I have tended to feel energized, if a little dizzy or disoriented, post-points work.  But this time I was feeling slower and slower, like my legs didnt want to hold me up anymore.  I actaully considered sitting down on the bike path on the way back to the parking area.  I didn’t, I kept going, but I’d never felt like sitting before.  Later, TAG said when he went down the mountain he felt like he was “dragging 5 Gs” behind him, and I wrote that down because it seemed a pretty apt metaphor for what I was feeling too.

erotic aspect/energy (changing senses/reception of energy, people getting all “puddly”)

back pain (gone, then today has moved)

“circuits” versus meridians (the “points” on Bill’s sides)


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