Temple Legba Solaire is a Temple of Voudon Gnosis engaged in Philosophical study and research as well as devotional and magickal practice, under the auspices of the Rite Ancien et Primitif de Memphis-Misraim.  Its facilitator is Tau Naamah, Bishop Gnostic and Apostolic, whose consecratory lineages include those in the Franco-Haitian Gnostic current.


One Response to “About Temple Legba Solaire”

  1. Emir Salihovic Says:

    Dear Tau Naamah,
    I liked your article on points chauds… I am also a bishop, living in Belgrade, Serbia, and was consecrated by our beloved patriarch Michael Bertiaux (in 2006, in Chicago), and would love to exchange experiences, articles etc. with you. If you care, please do drop me a line to my private email, ecclesia.gnostica AT gmail DOT com
    In the Light of Gnosis,
    Tau Elohael

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