It was an exciting gathering with presence of several fellow Workers who came from great distances to join us at Mt. Arabia.  There was points work, consecration, cross-consecration, note comparing, speculation on unmapped points, planning for the future.  I didn’t get any photos this time, but some will doubtless become available on + Allen Greenfield’s livejournal.

On a personal note, I still can’t reliably see the points (this came up as a question yesterday), but this does not prevent me from administering them.  Instead I “feel” them.  A few years ago, when the initial “hand effect” just about knocked me down and continued to be very weird to live with for a long time, I usually experienced them as something almost “electrical.”  In talking with + Allen yesterday, I realized that I very often didn’t feel this sort of energy as so “electric” anymore.  In other words, it’s not as “sharp” anymore, though it’s still almost palpable.  Allen noted that my hands shook a bit as I administered some points as if I was feeling the current of energy as electrical.  It occurred to me that I may simply be accustomed to the sensation now, somewhat acclimated to it.  As + Heosphoros & + Peristera and I have discussed, we can no longer NOT use this “energy” in magickal work any more than we can not use oxygen – it’s just there all the time, in a manner of speaking.  It’s certainly easier to access, somehow, on the mountain and at other power spots (my imprecision with language troubles me here, but I’m doing the best I can), but I can easily raise it at will, and sometimes it “raises” itself when I’m not trying to raise it.  I don’t mean that it’s inactive when I’m not actively “using” it, just that there is a definite “surge” that happens sometimes and that is almost always focused in the hands for me.  I don’t know how much of that is consecration, how much points, how much certain points, or how much something else I’m not thinking of or aware of, but when the energy “rises” (again, bad word choice) in my hands, I can have trouble focusing on other things until I “do something” with it.

This “something” can be administering points, co-consecrating or ordaining someone, charging a talisman or bottle of oil or whatever, doing some Qi Gong to “spread out” the energy, etc.  I have noted elsewhere that the effect is similar, and imo may be related to, what some in the vodoun community have called “partial possession,” where instead of the lwa “riding” the “cheval” or serviteur, instead the lwa is guiding the serviteur’s feet or hands, or maybe his or head during divination; the difference is that the serviteur’s individual consciousness is not eclipsed, the serviteur maintaining some memory of the event is more likely, and it is likelier to happen outside a full-fledged ritual setting and when a serviteur has a pre-established, close working relationship with the lwa in question.  For instance, Dantor will sometimes come and tie points or pakets for me when I’m doing work with her for a client; she is in my hands, and she is “there,” but so am I.  It’s a partial possession that happens in a ritual setting, but not in a community setting.  (I should mention here that I do not advise anyone to attempt to be ridden by a lwa while they are alone and not in the presence of someone who knows what to do in case something goes wrong or sideways.)

These sorts of effects had happened to me a few times before I undertook the points work as a consecrated bishop several years ago, but since undertaking this work, it happens MUCH more frequently, much more “easily” (often rising unbidden), much more easily outside of a religious context (ie, I don’t have to be working with Legba or Dantor – I can be tying a mojo bag under the aegis of no particular saint or loa whatsoever, and have the hand thing kicking), and much more often outside of the context of my giving a reading.  I had felt similar effects while performing Mass, while doing energy work or sex magick, while doing Taiji or Qi Gong — but this is NOT exactly the same thing.

I feel like every time I try to explain this I make it more confusing, and also like I’m being repetitive, but maybe if I keep circling around it I’ll get a little closer to getting at what it’s all about.

The similarities I’ve set up between the “hand effect” and the rising energy as related to partial possession is not accidental though.  It is as if it sometimes has a “mind of its own.”  It’s not that it rises only in my hands – maybe it’s more that it sometimes “overflows” or is ready to overflow and that that experience is 99% of the time going to lead to the energy “flooding” towards my hands.  (The other 1% of the time it has “centered” or “pooled” in what may be my heart chakra or may be something to do with the complex of points 20-23 – I haven’t researched this thoroughly re. the meridians, which I believe to be related to the way some of these points seem “connected,” or are “sets,” or can be parts of “circuits.”  In any case, this has never happened on the mountain or when I’ve been administering points or assisting in their administration, nor has it happened during a consecration or ordination.  It has always been when somebody else has “been in my energy,” so to speak (with my permission of course).  So I don’t know if this has an active/passive dynamic somehow?  Or if these are two different things entirely (or mostly).

I have worked a bit with trying to focus the “rise” of energy to different parts of body, and I have had some success with that, but I have also made myself sick doing it (as if there’s such a thing as “forcing” it, which can have bad consequences, though that may mean other things too).

Ok, enough rambling.

August 18, 2007

The August 18, 2007 trip to Arabia resulted in some new experiences for me with the points work, which I posted about a bit in the above linked entries. 

As near as I can tell, I had points 96, 24, 28, 90, 91, 54, 55, 56, 57, 61, 62, 63, 64, 85, and 86 activated.You can see a sketch of the points map in PDF format here

24 and 28 were actually pleasurable to have empowered, which was a first. They haven’t all been unpleasant, but the earlier experiences were certainly not “pleasant.” I find I have a hard time describing the effect without making it sound sexual or like the effect of a chemical hitting your system; the latter because the effect was sudden, and the former because it was a whole-body reaction more intense than a simple endorphin rush, but comparable I suppose, but neither of those are adequate or appropriately connoted comparisons. In any event, the experience was new to me; I recall having described previous point empowerment as akin to licking a car battery, so I’m perfectly happy to be at a place where the energy is not so raw to me now. Tau Heosphoros was assisting Tau Allen Greenfield with the empowerment and was supporting me from behind, and he reported feeling the “push” of those points clear through my body.

Between points 24/28 and 85/86 — from the second and third points to the last points — my arms were tingling, and there was a bit of pain associated with that, some sharpness, though certainly not unbearable. TAG did some work at the top of my shoulders which doesn’t correspond to any mapped points, and this really felt like it “connected some dots.” I suspected at the time that they plugged into, perhaps capped, some meridian, but I have not adequately investigated this. Post-empowerment, felt good, light. I don’t think I got what I have come to call my post-points crash, which generally follows my post-points hyper weirdness, on this occasion. This was also the occasion of a couple of ordinations to priest and priestess, and one to deacon. Attendees, many of whom have posted their own notes for this Aug 18 2007 event, included the Reverends Heosphorus and Peristera of Liber Sanguinis Luciferi; Fr. Dositheos of Ormus Lodge; Bishop R; Priestess L; and Bishop L. 

October 20, 2007

Some among you will be interested to note that upon our arrival at the mountain, we were circled and “flown over” by a black helicopter. It was a not a coincidental passing; the same helicopter flew over our spot three times. The sun not having fully set, we were still legal to be on the mountain, so this was very strange and unprecedented in our work on the mountain so far.

This was a rather big event, with several brothers and sisters in the Work who had traveled from out of town to participate. The path to Mt. Arabia was full of obstacles for some of us. You can read about a few in Tau Allen Greenfield‘s blog, and for myself I ran into problems with scheduling, traffic, detours, and getting lost. But we made it to the mountain, and welcomed Sister S and Brother K as newly consecrated Bishops apostolic and gnostic to the Work.

After the consecrations, I assisted Tau Allen Greenfield with the activation of points on a guest and on Bishop K, and I worked with some points on Bishop L  for healing purposes. This was my second attempt at administering the empowerment points on another, the first occurring much earlier in my travels on this path, in 2005, as outlined in the archive in the Pages column of this blog. It, er, went a lot better this time. Our honored guest I had trouble connecting with at first; we had to ask the usual piercing/body jewelry questions, and frankly I forget what the deal was, but we adjusted fire somehow (I think he removed some metal jewelry) and the points seemed to take. With brother K, the connection was much “easier,” and while I think in my relative inexperience I was a little too forceful in administering the points, he did fine – his energy was strong, solid, serene, and very very grounded. No difficulty there. In fact, I was moved to administer a set of points that I have seen make people a little wobbly-kneed before (including myself), but I felt like I should do them, and then I asked when he would be back in the area again, and since that was up in the air, I did them, because I felt like somebody should soon, and the next time might not be soon (these would be the trio of 1/97, 2, and 3 on the crown of the head and if I recall correctly the corresponding “end of circuit” point at the base of the spine, but I’m less sure about that). He had no difficulty with them, and on thinking and writing about it over the next few days, I realize that those points on him were already activated; what I did did *something* to shift or adjust them, tweak them a little, but they were already activated. (It is my understanding that Bishop K has been working a Memphis-Misraim path for a good while; this is doubtless the explanation.)

I was and remain frustrated at my inability to see the points; I have to rely on feeling them, and I don’t always know exactly what I’m feeling, but as I’m so far working only under the supervision of more experienced administrators of the points, I am confident that I’m not doing any harm, at any rate.

Oct 27/28, 2007

Traveled to the home base of Liber Sanguinis Luciferi to do Work with fellow Bishops Heosphoros, Peristera, and R.  Administered some points on Brother [info]noxenla, and received some valuable feedback and practical pointers on administering the points from all three of my brethren in the Work. We witnessed, noted, and discussed some of the connections betweens different points and “circuits” that seemed to relate or connect them, and after making some observations about the points as they were connected on R., Peristera tested her observations on me. We found that while we could “explore” already-activated points and track connections between them and other points, there was not a discernable point-to-point correlation; in other words, the points that seemed very closely connected on one person were not necessarily the same in another person (though they seemed close, probably on the same meridian as would be expected, but the “tunnels” or ” paths” or connections between points does not appear to be identical in every human body. We speculated, and intend to explore, the veracity and implications of this idea in the future.

Peristera, in exploring my already-activated points and which points they seemed to be integrally connected to, worked on a couple of my unmapped points, and I had the same experience I had at the August Arabia trip, in that the energy was very pleasurable. This is a marked contrast to previous work in general, as I noted above, as well as in particular; Tau Peristera and I go back in friendship and magickal work 17 years, and I am familiar with her energy. Nevertheless, earlier experiments in manipulating points had resulted in the characteristic “jarring” or “raw” energy I described above that was a hallmark of my earliest points work.

January 12/13 2008

At the home base of the newly-chartered Ormus Lodge, Frater Dositheos, Tau Allen Greenfield, and I met to discuss various aspects of the Work, ongoing research, and plans for the future in general as well as upcoming Spring work on Mt. Arabia. I had points activated (I can’t tell you where they map on our map yet; one of the significant findings we discussed is the movement and shifting of points on the body over time and even within a few seconds on occasion), though they were in the 32-41 zone and then point 58). I again experienced more refined, clearer, more “integrative,” though no less intense, energy in receiving the points. During our discussion of the “magick hands effect” and of the experience of receiving points in general, I attempted my usual “diagnostic check” method of “knocking on the door” of someone else’s energy and illustrated my explanation by hovering over Fr. Dositheos’ hands. I again had a powerful and far from negative experience, and T.A.G. reported being able to “see” the accumulating energy (which, again, I could not see).

T.A.G. activated some points on Fr. D; one point in particular, either 55 or 62, “kicked back.” I have been present during a great deal of TAG’s energy work, and had never seen this exact reaction from him before during difficulties or anomalies in administering points, as if it were “sharp” or “quick,” and as if it physically pained him for a split second.

After a bit, I activated some points on Fr. D with no similar effect.

Today, however coincidentally, I have moderate (not minor but not severe) pain in my lower back, in the 54/56 region, more than a cun to the left of the centered point 58 which TAG activated that night. This is the area which is affected by my degenerated cartilage around my sacroiliac joint and which particularly troubles me when I am in longer periods of inactivity; however, lately, I have returned to my optimal level of physical activity and am well on my way to regaining my non-insane-busy level of physical fitness, so this pain is unusual and surprising to me. It is also at “haven’t been exercising for a LONG time” levels, which is a worse level than I get after 4-6 weeks of laying out of my regular training regime.

Also of interest was some little time spent with archived QBLH materials and a great deal of theoretical and historical discussion of the points history, background, and future, including some tentative group forays into particular areas of Franco-Haitian Gnostic Voudon practice that align closely with my particular path in this Work.