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Q. What the hell are points chauds (point chaud, points chaud, pwen cho), anyway?

A. This question is going to take a good bit of typing to answer. Until I get all that typing done, you might start at the page called Points Chauds 101, and/or at T Allen Greenfield’s page for the Assembly of the Knowledge and Wisdom of Solomon, whose link is available in the links list.

Q: What are the things that a potential practitioner should be familiar with and/or adept at?

A: Ref. prior training/familiarity, I’ve been less than directive or authoritative about this, and I’ve done that on purpose. On the one hand, I have some suggestions, but aside from what TAG has already said they’re certainly nothing more than that, and we are all coming at this from different areas of praxis in terms of the energy work, though not in terms of the consecration bit. TAG can of course speak to more about the non-consecration bit. If anybody is going to discuss the Enochian aspect at greater length than TAG already has, it will have to be him — or Heosphoros would probably be a good candidate. I don’t have anything to add. See, that is one place where you might think that experience with Enochian might be a prereq for the work, maybe (generic you) — and it’s not. Nobody knows less about Enochian than i do. I personally can’t imagine doing this work without four years of Taiji and Qigong practice behind me but it’s certainly not necessary and for all i know it wouldn’t help most people, beats me. At the very least, I would recommend some prior work with an initiatory system and some prior energy work. A cohesive initiatory system in the Western tradition is likely to provide training or at least a reading list for meditation, yoga, and scrying/trancework, and I think all of these things are good things to have experience with prior to stepping into this paradigm.

Q: What are the methods of utilizing the empowered points along with their goals, benefits, etc?

A: I think this is the sort of thing that is going to vary depending on the person, and in any case, nobody with a full set of empowerments is writing about this, at least publicly, and I don’t know if it would do any good sine I suspect this is where some of the “initiatory” stuff is going to come in. For example, my hand effect happened *immediately* upon receipt of a certain set of points, but my experience is, afaik, unique in terms of the exact point/effect connection? There’s a lot that we’re still working — I don’t know if anybody can answer the “methods of utilizing the empowered points” question. And I’m not sure I could even deal with that turn of phrase — it’s more like plugging into a system than performing an exercise, does that make sense? Am I confusing the issue? I would say, I think, that it’s less something you “use” and more something you “enter.”

Personally, I’ve “used” it in healing work, in dream work, in feeding “my” loa, in personal energy/bodywork, and on behalf of clients and myself for so-called “low magick,” if that is what you’re asking. The thing is, it gets hard to talk about it in terms of something that’s “used” since it’s not like it goes away once you’ve got in it (though Bertiaux seems to suggest it could, that you could remove yourself from the current or sort of “fall out of” it.) As it is, it’s just *there,* and it touches all kinds of things, and I couldn’t *not* use it in magick, in meditation, in Taiji, any more than I could *not* use my breath, I don’t think. And again, I’m not sure how much of this is consecration, how much is points work, how much is the working egregore of the Arabia group and/or my particular synod, which certainly has its own sort of “flavor,” and/or/what.

Q: I still feel pretty clueless about what Points Chauds actually do and why you want to activate them. I mean just what are the goals?
A: TAG has written about connections between the points and the Memphis-Misraim system, which you, as a practitioner in a Western hermetic system, might find useful and more accessible than my voudon-heavy intro article. In terms of what they “do,” that’s hard to answer succinctly; in short, they “do” the same things any valid initiatory experience “does,” which is perhaps to say nothing at all if you aren’t working the Work, you know? Writing in 2007, I am of the opinion that I have seen some cases where points work has been done on some folks and the activations/empowerments have not “taken.” In that case, I think, they had perhaps short-term effects maybe akin to having one’s chakras messed with by an energy worker — there is some effect, but it is very often temporary if the subject is a passive recipient rather than someone entering into sustained work and maintenance of same. I could be off base, here, too, though.

Ref. goals, I may only speak for myself, but my goals here are the same for any work of this nature I’ve engaged in — exploration, self-awareness, initiation, understanding, and, in this case, along the way, hopefully contributing something to the Western Magickal Tradition that many of us believe has been around but has been “lost” or “clouded.”

Q: If you activate them all do you achieve Enlightenment/Gnosis/Nirvana/etc… Or when you activate each point is it kinda like a HGA experience but instead of the HGA it is a Voudon God? Or do diffrent points do diffrent things?

A: Again, I recommend TAG’s work on the Memphis-Misraim system for some idea of our current conception of these issues. Ref. enlightenment, gnosis, nirvana upon”completion” of the points, I’d say certainly not necessarily. It’s more like getting plugged in. It can certainly help but it’s not going to do the job by itself. Ref. the HGA experience, no, I don’t think so. I feel rather safe in saying each point is part of a larger system; as to what happens once the “matrix” is activated, that depends somewhat on the practitioner, and also deserves more attention than I can give it in an FAQ. Ref. each point being associated with a voudon loa, I am not confident in saying “no,” though I imagine it depends on one’s operative vocabulary. There are certainly people doing this work who don’t think so and have never even worked with the loa. I think that this work lends itself well to such paradigms and comparisons, though, and I personally am interested in further exploring those connections. Ref. different points doing different things, I would give that a preliminary and qualified “yes.”

 v. 3.23.08

What is a synod?

A synod is a group of bishops, simply put.  From Merriam Webster:

\ˈsi-nəd alsoˌnäd\
Middle English sinod, from Late Latin synodus, from Late Greek synodos, from Greek, meeting, assembly, from syn- + hodos way, journey
14th century
1: an ecclesiastical governing or advisory council: as a: an assembly of bishops in the Roman Catholic Church b: the governing assembly of an Episcopal province c: a Presbyterian governing body ranking between the presbytery and the general assembly d: a regional or national organization of Lutheran congregations 2: the ecclesiastical district governed by a synod
We use the term synod to refer to a working group of Bishops in the current Gnostic Voudon work.  We are all autocephalous and autonomous, and trying to get us together to agree on a matter of dogma is even more preposterous than trying to herd cats with a bucket of water, but basically if a synod is being referred to, there are a bunch of bishops getting together for something relatively formal.  Say SIH-nud, not SIGH-nod.
What is a cun?
Excellent question.  If you have reviewed the correspondences suggested by Zietz which are available at TAG’s website here then you will note the cun is a unit of measurement.  It corresponds roughly to the width of a  human thumb.  In practice, it is my understanding that as a nonstandardized measurement used in acupuncture, it will vary a bit depending on the subject, and in some cases certain landmarks on the body are considered a certain unit of measurement in cuns, to which other measurements on the body may or may not be adapted.  If this sounds awfully confusing to the non-acupuncturist, well, I guess it is, and this is part of the reason why we stress individual intuition and feeling towards which points will be empowered, and empowerers use the Senses available to them to discern the points, and we encourage good note-taking and urge people to use the PDF file of the points mapped on the human body as a rough guideline only.  Your own points may very well be slightly different from those in the PDF file we have available.   for more info on cuns, see here.

Feel free to ask a question here.


3 Responses to “FAQ on Points Chauds”

  1. al palacol Says:

    18 December 2010

    It seems that the masonic rite of Mizraim Memphis Mizraim-Memphis (Ambelain) Memphis-Mizraim has come a long way.

    This many times confuses the use of the A.P.R.M.M in many ot its incarnation to the current use.

    That is why to many “traditional” masons, the A.P.R.M.M. rites has lost its respectability.

    It has been marginalized. Its attraction appears to be because of the number of degree.

    Be that as it may, the founders of the Rite must be wandering whatever happened to their beloved Rite.

    It appears that the Crowley Model is alive and well.

    Episteme and Gnosis is a never ending process of creative destruction in this world and all possible parrallel worlds.

    Pax. Peace. Shalom. Salaam

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