First, “we” here refers to the Draconigenae, a label of convenience applied to myself and people who choose to work within the paradigms I work within, in varying levels of formality and association.  I am not necessarily speaking for anyone associated with the points chauds work in its current manifestation, other working synods, or any persons or groups linked to on these pages.

We believe in the importance of a sacramental system and symbolic and initiatory spiritual framework in today’s world — a place and space where seekers can join in the stream of established and experimental esoteric discipline on a spiritual journey through life that, finally, can only be taken alone. Man is a creature that by nature operates within (a) symbolic order(s) — language itself being one of the most universally shared — and we believe in exploring and using the symbolic means available to us, in a spirit of Scientific Illuminism and free of dogma or coercion, on our spiritual journeys.

The spirit of eclecticism present in our magickal framework and sacerdotal administrations exists not because of an instinct for cultural or spiritual relativism, nor out a desire to collect long strings of “impressive” affiliations with better-known traditions, but because the interaction between the human spirit and the symbolic system is powerful, dynamic, and complex. Memory, symbol, and archetype are simultaneously cultural and personal, internal and external, compelling and able to be compelled and transmuted. We believe in replacing dogma with a framework which is rooted in established tradition but is adaptable to the individual’s personal initiatory, psychological, and symbolic stage(s). Each being is finally the centre of his or her own Universe, “one star in the company of stars,” and ravelling the secrets of that Universe through work within the symbolic order is an intensely personal initiatory exercise. It is not, however, so individualistic that nothing of the Gnosis of the ages and the symbolic systems of esoteric initiatory tradition can avail the seeker.

Our system springs from the Universal Gnostic Tradition into a manifestation of Thelemic Gnostic Vodou, leaving room for freedom of individual thought, the pursuit of the individual’s True Will, and service to humanity in the spirit of Karma Yoga.

Our initiatory magickal practices are open to serious seekers of the Light of the Gnosis who are willing to enter into our egregore; sacerdotal and sacramental administrations are open to the public with no further commitment required or implied.

Ours is a body of seekers in the authentic magickal tradition of the West, whose spiritual “roots” can be found in the traditions, sacred technologies, and structures of the Ecclesia Gnostica Spiritualis, the Elus Cohen, the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis & Misraïm, Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica, Vodoun, Thelema, and the Dracosanguis succession of the Dracozonei, of which the Draconigenae is a branch.

Tau Naamah is a consecrated, autocephalous Bishop of the Universal Gnostic Tradition in the line of succession of the Neopythagorean Gnostic Church.


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