podcast on Congregational Illuminism and Points Chauds

March 5, 2009

Podcast 57 – Congregational Illuminism and Points Chauds

“In this episode, we are joined by our friend Tau Allen Greenfield and two more Gnostic Bishops, Tau Dositheos and Tau Naamah. Our initial focus is the history of the Antient et Primitif Rite of Memphis-Mizraim. We talk about the origins of this branch of esoteric Freemasonry and how it has transmuted into a variety of modern strains, this particular one being ecclesiastical and magical. This is illustrated by the close associations of lodges and Gnostic churches and the necessity for consecration in the Gnostic and Apostolic Succession for those involved in Points Chauds Workings.”

“Our discussion then delves into the subject of Points Chauds.”

“Lastly, we talk about Congregational Illuminism.”


2 Responses to “podcast on Congregational Illuminism and Points Chauds”

  1. nseka e Says:

    hi am o needs to learn about the illuminism and want to have more knowledge about the branch in Kenya/ Nairobi. kindly if is possible refer me to any member of the place. am in Nairobi. student , i do social work and community development. a nice time

  2. nseka e Says:

    passe me all the details trough my e mail address and if is possible to refer me to a person or any member in Nairobi. merci

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